Inspire the Journey Teacher Grant


To promote quality teaching and enhanced learning in Shelby County Schools. These grants reward educators for developing innovative and useful program ideas with a goal to provide our students with the best education possible.

2018 Grant Recipients

School Name Amount Project
Calera Elementary Sonya Eggleston $949.75 WeDo Code!
Calera Elementary Jessica Atchison $983.89 Flowing Fluently to Build Comprehension
Calera Middle Abigail Mire $383.40 Life Science in Real Life!
Chelsea Park Elementary Ashlea Staples $196.14 The Heart “Beat” of Reading- Multisensory Phonics Instruction
Chelsea Park Elementary Lana Morris $1,000.00 Do You Hear What I Hear?
Columbiana Middle Kelsey Collum $257.64 Cats Coffee Cart
cTec James Hill $921.47 Robot Round-Up
Elvin Hill Elementary Denna Brown Diane Rogers/John Snyder $1,000.00 That’s LIFE! (Living Independently Fully Equipped)
Elvin Hill Elementary Lauren Ruston $940.00 Let’s Talk! Math Adds Up
Forest Oaks Elementary Jennifer Williams $382.00 Engineering is Elementary
Forest Oaks Elementary Leslie Sulenski $1,000.00 Hear The Learning
Forest Oaks Elementary Cynthia Woodham $1,000.00 African Drumming
Helena Intermediate Carissa Blackerby $973.77 STEAM Rolling
Inverness Elementary Susan Lee $883.96 Live-Stream Learning in All Locations
Inverness Elementary Porshia Franklin $996.00 Landlubbers Leaping Into Literacy
Inverness Elementary Kaley Wood $897.00 I Spy with My Little Eye… New iPads!
Inverness Elementary Lauren Schauwecker Julia Crisler $489.93 Beebots for Brains
Montevallo Middle Mona Guraya Suzy Colley $1,000.00 Robotics Club
Mt Laurel Elementary Heather Braswell $1,000.00 Ozobots ,tiny robots, Creating Engagement with our Standards
Oak Mountain Elementary Rebekah Austin $981.57 Revving Up Robotics by Engaging Engineers
Oak Mountain Elementary Ashley Shaffer $924.98 Crazy for Cooking and Creating
Oak Mountain Elementary Jill Vaughan $1,000.00 Nothing Reads Like a Book
Oak Mountain Elementary Heather Atkins $831.00 Gilly Gilly Good Music Days
Oak Mountain Intermediate Paula Tolbert $980.45 Racing into 21st Century Learning
Oak Mountain Intermediate Ashley Richardson $1,000.00 Interdisciplinary Traveling Robots
Shelby Elementary Caroline Trewhella $742.12 Hands On Art: A Trio of Native American Art Lessons
Shelby Elementary Michelle Griswold $988.03 Full STEAM Ahead
Shelby Elementary Lisa Carden $1,000.00 Ozobot Madness!
Special Services Center Katherine Ericson $615.00 Technology for CVI
Vincent Middle High Dawn Howard $972.12 Living History Museum – Time Machine
Wilsonville Elementary Stephen Kearley $988.03 Make On, Maker!

Deadline April 1, 2019

Grant Application and Rubric
(Online application)